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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Adventures of TinTin - 2012 Oscar Nominee for Best Original Score

First let me offer full disclosure of my expertise, fingers-on-the-pulse-of-Hollywood, top-of-the-heap film critic nature. In my quest to watch all 61 Oscar-nominated films for 2012, yesterday I learned that I had watched the wrong "Undefeated", having viewed the 2011 Sarah Palin documentary rather than the 2010 documentary about the Memphis, TN football team of Manassas High School turning its losing record into glory road. Who knew? (Obviously, not The Curt Critic.)

On a parallel Mr. Magoo path, I went into The Adventures of TinTin thinking it was based on the new book about the movie star dog, Rin Tin Tin, first brought back from Europe in World War I. Wrong again, grasshoppah. It is based on the enormously popular Belgian comic strip of 1929-1976. To make this self-commentary even more damning, before the movie started, my husband Scott reminded me that we had even visited the Tintin museum in Brussels a few years ago. Oh yeah. That. I have slept and had several drinks since then--you can't really expect me to remember.

Anyway... on with the show. When the young journalist Tintin purchases the model of a three-masted sailing ship at an outdoor market--followed with immediate "name your price" offers and threats upon his refusal--the adventure is launched for him and his dog Snowy. The film is beautifully animated, keeps its audience breathless with an Indiana Jones-type pace, and has some wonderful moments of comic relief with the bumbling Thompsons from Interpol. A great flick for kids and grown-ups alike.

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