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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Drive - 2012 Oscar Nominee for Best Sound Editing

Ryan G0sling, who was utterly fabulous in The Ides of March, is the driver with no name--stuntman by day, getaway wheelman by night. His character in Drive is almost a caricature, with the eternal toothpick clamped between his teeth, the steely glances, and 5-second pauses between words. He makes the screen earn even the semblance of a smile.

Ron Perlman (as Bernie, the Jewish mobster) looks a helluva lot better as Hell Boy. (I loved the movies Hellboy and Hellboy II. Oh, Ron, how the mighty have fallen--and become so grizzled looking.)

It's not easy for an action flick to earn the right to be deemed pretentious, but Drive manages that small feat. It should also be nominated for most annoying original score. All that being said, it was a rare treat after being held hostage last night by The Tree of Life.

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