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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Real Steel - 2012 Oscar Nominee for Best Visual Effects

This is like a double feature of Ironman meets Warrior, as programmed humanistic robots take boxing to the max in some not-distant future and the ne'er-do-well father becomes something one could proudly take to a family reunion. Despite the high praise this movie has elicited, I went into this thinking, "At least it has Hugh Jackman. Maybe that will get me through it." It was so absorbing, I'm still trying to get my heart rate down.

My father, in his youth, was an amateur prize fighter; and some of that never left him. Way "back in the day" before Monday Night Football, he wouldn't miss NBC's Gillette fight of the week broadcast from Madison Square Gardens. He would unconsciously bob, weave, twist, punch, and jab for 12 rounds right along with the pugilists. Tonight I discovered some of that DNA is part of me. In the final scenes of Real Steel, I became part of every on-screen move to the point of getting an excellent aerobics workout--and having a fine time at the movies.

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