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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Head Over Heels - 2013 Oscar Nominee for Best Short Film—Animated

"How do you rise above your differences, when you can't agree which way is up?" 
-Head Over Heels

An older couple, emotionally and physically distanced from each other, lead parallel lives—he on the ground and she on the ceiling. 

For those fans of stop-motion animation, I can understand why this would be a favorite. It is clever and beautifully rendered.

For me, stop-motion animation is a detraction, not a plus. Unlike Aardman Animation's Pirates! Band of Misfits and Tim Burton's Frankenweenie (both 2013 Oscar-nominated animated features), Head Over Heels, does not adequately compensate to overcome my bias. Did I mention that I loathe puppets?

I must recuse myself—I cannot objectively judge this one other than to say (God help me), it's better than Adam and Dog. If you're into stop-motion animated puppets, please enjoy Head Over Heels in its entirety below.


  1. My SO and I really enjoyed "Head Over Heels." We thought it was the best of the nominated animation shorts. But ... I LOVE puppets! I had Lamb Chop and Mr. Ed hand puppets (still have them). So, puppet fans should enjoy this one. I thought living in 2 realities in the same space an interesting metaphor for a dysfunctional marriage. I found the ending very poignant.

  2. Gatonoir, I LOVE your comment. This is what I love about movies and hearing/reading different opinions--like looking at all the different facets on the disco ball--broadening our little worlds. Ya know, I really did love Sherri Lewis and Lambchop, Charlie Horse, etc. But I always found clowns & those wooden ones (that look like those in HOH) scary. And I did find the metaphors clever and insightful in HOH. So glad you enjoyed it. And thank you for sharing your view and enriching the perspective.