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Friday, February 15, 2013

Paperman - 2013 Oscar Nominee for Best Short Film—Animated

Blends the setting for Mad Men with the romance of Sleepless in Seattle for a charming seven-minute frolic

When fly-away papers on a transit platform create a "boy meets girl" moment for two office workers, the woman boards her train before the smitten young man can introduce himself. Once at work, his productivity is limited to gazing at her lipstick imprint on one of the errant papers—until he transforms it to a paper airplane and personal emissary.

Paperman transports the viewer to the mid-20th Century with a black and white format portraying period scenery and clothing, rendered with the best of old-fashioned and cutting-edge animation techniques. Connoisseurs of those methods will appreciate Disney's achievement with this perfect marriage of 2D drawing and CGI enhancement.

Despite the absence of dialogue, the romance—both of the era and interaction of the charactersspeaks volumes. Enjoy all seven minutes of the standout animation, retro nostalgia, and sweet romance of Paperman in the video below.

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