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Friday, February 1, 2013

Skyfall - 2013 Oscar Nominee for Best 1) Cinematography, 2) Sound Effects, 3) Sound Editing, 4) Original Score, and 5) Original Song

"Where the hell have you been?" 
"Enjoying death.  007 reporting for duty."

Daniel Craig as James Bond, Agent 007, looks world-weary and handsome, aging and chiseled. I like that. I can't lay claim to the good looks or chiseled part, but there's some comfort in knowing that when a near super-hero looks into a mirror, he's got more age lines staring back at him than I do.

When M16 is under threat and 007 is brought back from a "presumed-dead" status, he's hard-pressed to pass the rigorous physical and mental tests required to return to Her Majesty's service. He, of course, passes "Go" (otherwise what's the point of the movie?); and one of the great action movies of this decade is launched. 

Although Skyfall did not receive Oscar nods for Picture, Actor, Directing, or Screenplay (and considering the competition, that was probably just), it nevertheless hits on all cylinders in each of those categories. Daniel Craig is superb. The directing of Sam Mendes (of American Beauty fame) brings the Bond series back to not only respectability but utter breathless awe. The storyline is compelling, and there is a human scale of emotion to the entire production that is often absent in Bond films. Javier Bardem is an oily and utterly perfect adjunct as the villain.

The nominations got it right for cinematography, sound, and music. It's a small miracle to have a Bond theme song that doesn't suck. Adele's rendition of Original Song nomination Skyfall surpasses the "doesn't-suck" standard stratospherically, hitting the same perfect notes as the rest of the movie.


  1. I liked this movie pretty well until the end. Then came the violence and explosions...well it IS a Bond movie, so what did I expect? I find that I like the Bourne movies better than the Bond ones--maybe because Bourne seems more like a real guy than a myth. Adele's song was good, but my fav song is still "Goldfinger."

  2. Bond movies make me feel that I just attended an elegant but action-packed prom, while Bourne gives me the sense that I put on combat boots and finished a really gratifying 10K.

    Gatonoir--if violence & explosions aren't your thing, I'm guessing Michael Bay movies are not your favorite? BUT... ya gotta love his first directing foray in the Aaron Burr Got Milk commercial: Still one of my favs!